Luxuries of Freedom City - Ready, Set, Block!


Freedom City is THE go-to spot for anyone looking to live a luxurious lifestyle. There are over 10 minigames spread throughout the island, such as bowling, skydiving, and cops & robbers. Additionally, there are other amenities such as a zoo (complete with over 10 custom animals!) and an amusement park containing a variety of different rides. Earn points to purchase and customize your own millionaire's mansion with over 100 unique pieces of furniture, or travel around in style with over 15 different vehicles for you to choose form.

In "Luxuries of Freedom City," there are many unique models for you to utilize to enhance your gameplay experience. Travel around the island in your own supercar, or if you're feeling a bit more modest, take a bicycle and explore the lush environment around you. Visit the furniture shop at the crystal tower to find the right decor to suit your taste when it comes to customizing your mansion.

Included in this mash-up pack is a wonderful resource pack that supports textures up to 1.16, which is currently the latest release of Minecraft. We thoroughly vetted every single texture to ensure that they enhance your gameplay to the maximum and can be used not just when playing this map, but also on your own private world or on a public server.

Roleplay as a tourist, worker, or other figure of interest with a whopping 40 different skins to choose from. There are a wide variety of skin colors, genders, and occupations to choose from to ensure that you have everything you might possibly need to customize your character to the fullest.


Hidden all around Freedom City are five stone buttons, that, when pressed will give you a super secret phrase. What you need to do is tweet at us @ReadySetBlock with that phrase (and a screenshot of you with the button) in order for you to claim that specific prize. Do note that only one individual can claim each prize, with the following rewards being up for grabs:

- $300 Gaming Console (of your choice)
- 3 Games (worth up to $180)
- 2 Games (worth up to $120)
- $75 in Minecoins
- 1 YEAR of Discord Nitro