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Luxuries of Freedom City

Living a luxurious lifestyle has never been more fun! Welcome to Freedom City, where you can drive supercars, buy and furnish a mansion, play over 10 different minigames, and more!

Contorta – HD Texture Pack

Rediscover Minecraft using this high definition, vanilla-inspired texture pack. Perfect for both builders & casual players alike with a vast color palette and a sleek, minimalist GUI. Once you switch over, you'll never want to go back to using regular vanilla textures.

Trendy Teens

Teens are back in town! Meet cute friends who love fashion and all about modern city life! From the most popular teen to the geekiest one, this skin pack contains a large variety of styles. Can you find your style among these trendy teens?

+ 12 trendy teen skins
+ 1 free skin
+ By Ready, Set, Block!

Anime Free Time

Free anime spirits are awakening the city! Teens are hanging out in their free time while shopping for the latest trends and creating unforgettable memories. Become a city native and watch anime all day long! Play games and start new Minecraft adventures along with your friends. Become KAWAII!

+ 12 anime teen skins
+ 1 free skin
+ By Ready, Set, Block!

Discover University!

Learn, eat, repeat! The session has begun, and everyone is learning. Books and pencils are everywhere! Help teens clean up the mess after the exams are over! While they're studying, you can use your free time by exploring the city. Relax and go shopping, and teens will join you in their free time!

+ 12 student teen skins
+ 1 free skin
+ By Ready, Set, Block!

Sakura City Superheroes

You are one of the last members of humanity left in a world threatened by rogue robots. Fight your way through Sakura City in order to defeat the evil Oyabuns and save mankind from extinction!